I'm an artist, designer and woodworker based in Brooklyn, NY who loves exploring the balance and movement that lines, shapes, and negative space can create in different environments and spaces. 

Away from the studio, I enjoy getting lost in the woods, unsalted cashews, the Oakland Raiders, Stevie Nicks, drumming, aliens, watching too much Seinfeld, old Metallica, running through open fields with dogs, and getting to know myself better.

I've had the opportunity to work with: Atlantic Records, MTV, Universal Music Group, Facebook, De La Soul, Comedy Central, Young Money Records, Tanqueray, Unilever, Slang Inc, and The Infatuation. 

I'm currently the Global Head of Art & Graphics at WeWork.

Iā€™m also available for fun freelance projects, collaborations, commissions, speaking engagements, exhibitions, and Catskills road trips.


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Photo: Noa Griffel
All work Copyright 2018: Joe Geis